Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 8 Camp - Highlights

On December 3rd. I got excited because the year 8’s were going to camp to Rotorua. Mr Burt said we were going to camp at Keswick a christian camp. We were on the road for at least for 3 hours. As we arrived at camp we saw a man standing with a checklist as he told us where we will sleep for the night. We went to do our very first activity and we went to see the Agrodome and we saw no water on one side but we saw some fishers. Later on we went to do a bush walk up the mountain and it took very long. My legs started to hurt as was about to fall down. We arrived back at camp to have dinner. On the menu there were chicken casserole, rice, and other.

The very next morning, all of us went out to do crossfit immediately after we have been woken up. We ran around the camp block twice. Later on we went to see the Pohutu geysers somewhere in Rotorua. We went to see these hot mud pool. We all saw one that looked a bit weird cause it looked all lime green. Back on the bus on another trip to a act show all about sheeps and other animals.

The next day we were on a trip to go to the blue lake at rotorua. We went for another bush walk to get to the beach. It started raining and the ground got slippery. Nearly falling over as gained control again and kept walking. A few minutes later, We made it to the blue lake. As some people ran some people walked to the bus to get ready to swim. The lake was freezing cold when went ran in and splashed other faces. An hour past we all had to jump out of the water and get change. On our way to our next destination to the rotorua pools. Getting changed again to have a swim again. Jumping in the deep pool thinking that it is not deep. As I got in I fell all the way till I touched the bottom of the pool. Alexander saved me and helped me back up on the edge of the pool. Few hours later We were off again but back at camp.Tomorrow was our very last day of camp.

The last day we went to go on the Luge. We went on a gondola to get to the top of the mountain where the luge is. We have to put on a helmet to protect ourselves from falling on the ground or having other critical accidents. The instructor told us to pull the lever on the luge a little to let it roll down. Then pulling it all the way will cause it to slow down. Coming to the end of the Luge I see a chairlift going back up the mountain. Finishing off our day going back to school. Greeting our teachers because we’ve miss them for a while. That was the best camp EVER!

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