Monday, April 15, 2013

Tau Reflection

Part 1: The highlight for this term for me  was getting 1 runaway in CTF (Capture The Flag) against room 22. What I have also enjoyed the most is getting movies finished and trying to enjoy P.E sometimes.

Part 2: What I have not enjoyed is writing because it takes forever to type and takes me ages trying to get it finished.

Part 3: For this term although I have been trying to get my work finished on time, it doesn’t seem to be going the way that I expected. I have been trying my hardest to be organised but find I still got behind in some things. I’ve been working well with others and trying to co-operate better. I do my share working with others and try to listen to other peoples ideas.

Part 4: For next term I will try my best to get my work finished on time.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Disappearing Story

On a Stormy rainy day. Jake the dog and the Finn the human were inside a brown old scruffy house. Finn went up the window and saw something or someone in the sea. “Hey Jake!” said Finn. “We have to go outside and see what’s in the water” Finn got his Raincoat and they were both ready to go.

Both Jake and Finn went down the steps as it makes a creaking noise. They were blown away by the wind as Finns Raincoat was flapping behind his back as they struggled to get to the beach. “Jake I don’t think we can make it!” Said Finn With a loud voice. It was something red in the sea but it was too dark to know what it was.

Monday, April 8, 2013


On April 3rd, There was a Triathlon in our school learning how to Swim, Bike and Run. After a cloudy morning tea. Mrs Squires told us that there was a Triathlon on the school field and I felt worried because I couldn't ride a bike.

We got on the wet grassy field as room 15 came as well. As the man called Room 20 boys I was shocked. My stomach had butterflies like I was going to fly and my head felt light and so I got up with freight.

We were at the line as we did 20 - 30 Star Jumps. The man said go as we started sprinting to the bikes. I was worried about riding a bike so I ran coming last in the class. I felt very embarrassed that I couldn't ride a bike but its just bike.