Friday, September 28, 2012

Volcano Eruption In Guatemala

I am going to talk about how a volcano erupts. The magma will make its way through the rocks and ashes. The pressure of the magma will make the plates move in the crust. As the magma pushes all the rocks and ashes through the main vent of the volcano. It will blast all the rocks and ashes and make a massive ash cloud in the air. Lava can cool down while making its way the water.

In Guatemala a volcano had erupted near the capitol of Mexico. 10,000 villagers had to evacuate there homes immediately. Fuego is one of the most worlds active volcano. Villagers were seen escaping the capitol, Guatemala city 31 miles away. All air travels were cancelled after a big ash cloud spread for miles and miles around Guatemala. By Friday morning lava had blasted over four miles away from Fuego's crater.

In the North island of New Zealand, Mt Tongariro had erupted last month. The eruption caused a big ash cloud in the sky. Lava was spewing out of the volcano.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Roller Coaster Ride

Once upon a time there were two girls named Carly and Natalya, and they were going to face their fear by going on the biggest roller coaster ever.

They were arriving at the carnival As they were walking to the roller coaster. Carly and Natalya were shaking in fear because it looked so high they were thinking that they would fall off. They got in front of the line and they were up next to go on. As they got on, the safety protection came down and they were scared. The roller coaster was rolling as they were holding hands. As they went up to the big hill on the roller coaster it went down super fast. Carly and Natalya was screaming “AH!”

Then as the loop was coming up they were upside down then part of the Roller Coaster came off and they were falling. Suddenly Superman came to save all of them at once at the speed of light. They were still screaming because Part of the roller coaster was about to fall on them but Superman save there lives again by putting it down softly. Carly and Natalya was Shocked in fear as Ca rly fainted on the ground.

She woke up in bed and thought it was all a dream, But it never happened or did it?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Haunted House and Slender Man Forest

Chapter 1:  
Billy , Max , Silas and me heard a rumour about a haunted house in the middle of nowhere. Silas reckons we should go but Max and Billy said it looks scary.  We convinced them that they should go so we all went.

At the house, Silas opened the door and the door creaked we all went in Then the door shut closed really hard with a bang Then we got all scared. We heard a crack sound in the kitchen we all jumped “AH!” Max wanted to get out of this house but the door was locked. Billy tried to calm Max down. I told Max, Silas and Billy to wait at the door as I went into the kitchen.

I saw a plate cracked in pieces but I didn’t want to picked up the plate shard. As I got back to the front door Max , Silas and Billy was gone, I was wondering where they went. I walked into the hallway and opened a door and there was a library so I went in. I found a key on the table under a letter and something was in this room too. I peaked around the shelves and a monster came chasing after me. I was running for my life up the stairs into the bedroom.

I lost the monster and found Silas hiding in the closet but he was shocked. I told him where Billy and Max was but he kept shaking So I looked around the house to find Max and Billy. I found Billy and Max in the basement tied up. I untied them and told Silas to come out of the closet. We all ran out to the front door and saw the keys to open it. But suddenly the monster came back and chased us. As We all ran out into the public the monster was gone.

Chapter 2:  
In this mysterious forest is was so dark. Max , Silas , Billy and me went to collect 8 pages of writing. We all walked shaking as we found the first page and said no 12 times. Max went and grabbed it and moved to find the 7 remaining pages. Silas and Max saw a Building So me and Billy went to investigate the Building while Max and Silas look on the other side. So Billy and I went and look for pages in this building which looked like a bathroom. I screamed AH! because we saw the Slender Man Billy Pulled me and told me to run.

We got lucky and regrouped with Silas and Max. I told Billy not to split up again, So we stayed together to find the 5 remaining pages. I found the 4th one which said “You Can’t Run” and as reach out to grab it the Slender Man Grabbed my wrist and Billy , Max and Silas went after the Slender Man and Caught up and pulled and pulled until my jacket got ripped and ran to the truck and everyone stayed quiet. We waited like about 1 hour until we moved to get the last 2 pages. Max and I Found the last pages and saw the Slender Man. He was so Angry We all ran for our lives up and over the fence and Slender Man was never seen again THE END?

Friday, September 7, 2012


Smoking is one Dangerous thing in the world. They say that smoking can affect your life and you can possibly die from it.  

There is a chance of getting a heart disease and a stroke. You can die faster smoking at the age of 13. 1% of the world die every year from a second hand smoke ¼ of the smokers in the United States tried to quit smoking at least once but smoking was in there lives.

There are people the age of 16 smoking tobacco, that is the restricted age to smoke. children that have parents smoking may let the child smoke when they get older
What I have learned about smoking is to never smoke when I grow up that's why smoking is not our future.