Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can Some Animals go Without Food?

Some snakes don’t eat much often the summer season. They go go and have their meal during summer and wait until winter to wrap up on a tree and never wake up on another summer.

Bears use up all the food that a bear eats and go’s in it’s fats. they use all the fat to sleep in the winter. They use up all their energy to sleep and on a summer.

Camels have a big hump back for people to ride on. They walk on sand for a very long time. they use their fat for energy so they don’t get tired

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who Were The Spartans

Spartan boys were been taken away by their family left as seven years old. They were trained only for war. They had no luxuries, and left their hair long. They became as police men and became soldiers

The Spartan men were trained only fighting and that's all, either for their city or anyone else who would pay them. The other work was done by slaves captured by spartan soldiers and they were called Helots.

The women of Sparta feasted and celebrated when a son who won a battle. But if their sons were defeated, they could be killed by their mothers in shame.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japans earthquake and tsunami

There was an earthquake that cause a lot of damage in Japan. The size of the earthquake is 8.9 it was the biggest earthquake I'd seen. buildings were the most dangerous things, they had to evacuate the building as fast as they could. The people were scared because they saw the nuclear bomb and think it will blow up.

They were trying to get under tables and finding an open area on a field. They were waiting to get rescued from flooded houses waving the white flag. The buildings were crushed and they develop into lots of little pieces. The tsunami looked bigger and I was getting scared because the people in the cars had to slow and the tsunami was coming and they started to drive away.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Every Thursday we have Cricket with Hammond,Robbin and Chris. They come to Point England school to teach us how to play Cricket. I am always nervous because I might miss hitting the ball.

We always have a practice before we play Cricket.We had to be in Team’s before we play. As my first hit for practice my hit went far as it can go. The ball kept on going and I grabbed the wicket before it fell on the ground. When the ball that I hit, kept on going the rest of the team got all the cones that were on the ground to set it up the game again for the next person to have a turn.

Next week I was a bit drowsy to play well. We meet a new guy called Jamie. He told us how throw a ball with a lot of accuracy and power. The most important thing is to aim at the wicket and trying to hit it. We had to get into teams that were called Hearts and the other side is called Ace’s. First the game was hitting the wicket pretending it is a target, it was too hard. The Hearts won all the games.

We enjoyed playing cricket and well like to thank the coaches.