Sunday, December 12, 2010


When the Year 7's got their notebooks we were beginning to feel a bit jealous. They get free wireless internet by being a part of the Tamaki Cluster, which they can then use for their Google Docs. They were lucky.


On Sunday afternoon I saw people dressed up as wolves and zombies carrying. “Wow they look real. That’s right it’s Halloween.” I thought to myself. When it was sundown I saw heaps of people running and knocking on doors. I didn’t go and didn’t want to because I had no costume. While they were trick or treating, I was playing cards with my brother on the kitchen table. I was too tired to go outside. We also had no lollies to give out to the people who knocked on the door anyway. “I am so bored,” I yawned. I looked outside again and saw they were still running across the streets and eating lollies. That is the best part of Halloween. It was getting close to 9pm at night. I decided to do something else other than playing cards and games with my brother and went off to read a book instead.

The Old Dental Clinic

On Friday Morning, builders were preparing to bust down the dental clinic. They used crowbars to take off the old weatherboards. When they were ready, a huge digger came crashing down on the old dental clinic, scraping the floors and shattering glass as a huge dust cloud spread like smoke. The digger scraped the concrete and got the top of the building with it’s sharp jaws. It pulled the structure down with its giant claw! It ripped all the parts into pieces, breaking wood in half and smashing windows. It fell straight to the floor and made a big loud sound, “SMASH!” As they cracked all the glass from the old windowz they busted the whole dental clinic and we watched as it and fell to the ground.

Active Earth

Here is the footage of the volcano erupting and we can see that the camera man is stuck. He had to run and he screamed until he ran down the ah! We had to grab a chopper to save him but their was a rock coming straight to us.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Water safety

Water safety

On Wednesday morning Room15 lined up eagerly awaiting to go to the pool. As the children got their life jackets they had to adjust it 3 or 4 times. Chris, our instructor, is a water safety person who is here to teach people how to swim.Unfortunately I forgot my togs and I had to watch. When they were swimming they splashed and I got wet. They were shivering and shaking as they had to get into the help position, that’s when they have to cross their arms and legs to get warm. They had to do it for 10 seconds. As they were doing a count down they went slowly.The next position is to get in a huddle that’s when they have to get into a circle and hold other people’s shoulders and have to sing the national anthem they were singing loudly as Chris spinned them around slowly. After-that when they finish singing they get have free time for 5 minutes and got out of the pool cold.They got out of the pool giggling and shivering. They lay in the sun, which was shining brightly. I felt sad that I was missing out, I should have brought my togs!